Julbo Eyewear, 2012

Julbo Eyewear provided me the following for the 2011 – 2012 season: 2 DIRT and 1 PIPELINE.

I requested new DIRT glasses because they worked so well!  I rotated these 2 glasses whenever I played various sports.  These pictures where from various ski trips in the winter 2011-2012 season:







The pictures below are the same ones from last year – if you would like to read more about my review on these glasses, please click here.


DIRT: Cool specs!

DIRT: Zebra lenses in action (light in shade)

DIRT: Minimal evidence of wear and tear from one year of use!

The Pipelines (picture shown below) were great for all around use as well – I didn’t use them as much as Dirt because of the functionality with helmets.  It worked great for fishing, running, etc, but I couldn’t store/hold them on my cycling helmets, so I wore these occasionally.  Again, the lenses are rock awesome.


Pipeline – super comfy around the ears!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lenses sometimes fog up and I found it worked best if you completely wash the glasses.  I tend to go for weeks with just rinsing through running water, but because it accumulates particles over time, it fogs up when you start sweating hard.  I found it works well if you just simply run it under a drop of dish soap and wash it completely, then it works great for another few weeks of rinsing!

For more of their awesome glasses, check ’em out here.  Thanks for reading my review and hope you find it useful.  Ride on!  -Klishy