Julbo Eyewear, 2011

Julbo Eyewear provided me the following for the 2010 – 2011 season: DIRT, TRAIL, RACE, REVOLUTION Goggles, and a polarized EXPLORER.  TRAIL was a better pair for those with average nose bridges.  RACE worked well, especially for my training runs when I don’t have to take it off.  It has soft lenses so I’m hesitant to take it out on races, as I tend to be very hard on my gear! 🙂  I used the goggles and EXPLORER glasses for travel and skiing only.  With that, I have a deep nose bridge and the DIRT fit perfectly and proved worthy to me, so I ended up sticking with DIRT glasses for most of my races.

I also liked the way it looked and the way the lenses worked (loaded with ZEBRA lenses).  I thought the white color looks awesome.  A number of people have commented on how they like the style of the DIRT glasses – I think the white with gold-ish colored lenses and the shape of the frame look super sharp, while providing quality eye protection.  I love the way it is around my face when I’m racing as well because it doesn’t seem so dark.  I feel like I can see and be awake without working hard to battle the darkness!!  This is especially important for my deafness because I need my eyes to be on the game and see where I’m heading!  The ZEBRA lenses, which are “photochromic” (adjusts to the intensity of the light), worked great in bright to shady conditions, which off-road sports tend to encounter often.  Check out the details of lenses here.    I took pictures of DIRT glasses after putting them through almost a year of rough use, and they still look and work great!  Check ’em out below…

Cool specs!

Zebra lenses in action (light in shade)

Minimal evidence of wear and tear from one year of use!

I would like to share a note for future users; the lenses sometimes fog up and I found it worked best if you completely wash the glasses.  I tend to go for weeks with just rinsing through running water, but because it accumulates particles over time, it fogs up when you start sweating hard.  I found it works well if you just simply run it under a drop of dish soap and wash it completely, then it works great for another few weeks of rinsing!

I hope to get more of these DIRT glasses for next season and as well as get the opportunity to try out the PIPELINE and CONTEST glasses – they look cool and could work for my face!  Cool styles!  Check out their performance glasses here.  Thanks for reading my review and hope you find it useful.  Ride on!  -Klishy


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