In the fall of 2011, I founded DEAFlete organization, which has the goal and purpose of bringing deaf and hearing people together to overcome the communication barrier through sports.  It will provide support and encouragement for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes or even non-athletes to participate in sports and gain the benefits that sport gives all of us.  DEAFlete is developing a 6 person racing team, with 3 deaf and 3 hearing athletes, to be the ambassadors of the organization.  Currently, Mathieu Signoretty, Jess D’Amato, Taylor Seavey, and I are part of it; we are looking for sponsors and 2 more members to join the team to help us make a difference. I will be going pro within the next two years so we would prefer to have a high ranked amateur or a female pro racer.

Please go to our website to learn about it!  We’re really excited to have this going, so please spread the word about DEAFlete & thanks for your support!

Taylor Seavey and John Klish hanging the "D" & "L" signs for "DEAFlete" on Maui, Hawaii.


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