Traveling to Taiwan today…

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Racing
Packing the bike

Bena watching me in the early morning breaking the bike up to pack up into the bag!

So, I’m sitting at the San Francisco International Airport, waiting for my next flight to Taiwan. I woke up around 5:00 am to get my bike packed up inside a Ruster Sport’s Hen house bag (

Bike ready to be put into the Hen House!

The bike is completely broken down, covered up with pipe foam, and parts velcroed together to protect movement within the bag.

This bag is an interesting product and works like charm so far on this trip. Their goal was to get the linear inch of the bike bag under 62 inches so we don’t have to pay that hefty fee for the “oversize baggage” of approximately $200-$250 EACH way!!! It would not fit at first and it took my girlfriend, Sarah, to recognize that my cranks were in the way. With the cranks taken off, it barely fit my large CX bike! Very stoked to have it working – it was also very easy to carry around with me compared to the other bike boxes / bags I’ve used before. I was surprised I arrived at the check-in with the bike bag weighing only at 27 pounds and the wheel bag only at 26 pounds! I put all my clothes and gear in those bags. Then I took a carry on bag with my laptop in it. Pretty simple – don’t need much on this trip… Then I worked half day today to get everything on track before I left.

I also had been moving the last 3 days from one house to another with Sarah – it had been chaotic trying to get everything moved out and into the new house, AND clean the house before the next month started so we wouldn’t have to pay the next month of rent. Then everything was all over the place!  I got overwhelmed easily with packing for this trip. Luckily I was able to keep calm and get it done. My dad patiently stood by my side as I finished packing after work right before going to the airport. Then he took me to the airport and wished me luck as Sarah had to work…

At the GJ Airport

Taken by my dad before I go in – wheel bag on my left and the hen house is on my shoulder on the right. Simple!

So, why am I going to Taiwan?! I’m riding for the USA Deaf Cycling team (, participating in the “Tour de Formosa” for the next 10 days. I will attempt to post updates on the FB page through WordPress so you can see where we are in the race. This race is basically a Tour de France for deaf riders, only cleaner. Speaking of which, with all this cycling talk going on, it’s amazing to see how many different views there are out there. I was recently most touched by this article and I think it applies most accurately in today’ society ( It’s unfortunate, but true.  I am actually glad to hear it’s becoming more cleaner nowadays because it really levels out the playing field and makes it feel much more respected.

Anyway, back to the tour – Nick Schrieber from Arizona and I will be racing together in the 7 stage race among some 40 riders from all over the world. You may read their introduction page here… This is an exciting honor to be riding in this race! Please keep your eyes peeled on the updates!

Eye Candy for mountain bikers!

SFO has a museum dedicated to mountain biking! This is a site to see right in the International Terminal…

Race with grace,

  1. Matt J. says:

    Good luck in the race. I absolutely love Taiwan. It’s my favorite place in the world to visit. However, I wouldn’t be thrilled about biking up those steep twisty mountain roads.

  2. Elaine Fehringer says:

    Hi John, Soooo proud of you! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for a good transition to the other half of the world–and that you have fun amidst the pressures of the race. Love you!!!

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