08/06-07/11 Race Weekend Recap

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Race report

Wow!  I am having so much fun this year – I competed in the Indian Peaks XTERRA on Saturday and got 2nd place overall, behind Brad Zoller!  He took off 5 minutes from last year’s time as well – he’s getting stronger every year.  Great training partner and carpool company 🙂  Anyway, I’m really happy to announce that I took off 10 minutes total from last year’s time – 4 minutes faster swim, 1.5 minutes faster total transitions, 3.5 minutes faster bike, and 1 minute faster run!!!!  That even counted tripping twice on the run, which I had to pull back on the gas and recollect myself and slap myself in my mind “pick up yer dang feet!”  Michael Hagen (Age Group 45-49) was amazing on the hills so I stuck with him to help me pace smarter, then I blasted by him near the end on the downhill for the victory!  check out the race results here…  Indian Peaks XTERRA Results.  I am stoked to keep up my training for next season – my goal is to compete in the Beaver Creek XTERRA again and place in the top 7!

I also competed in the 10k @ 10,000′ the next day on the Vail Mountain.  I definitely went out way too hard at the start.  I thought I would try something new today to test my running fitness, but I’m not quite there yet, which put me 7th overall.  I was only 20 seconds back from 3rd place overall, so I’m definitely pacing myself better next time.  At least it was a great experience to see where I come out after yesterday’s hard effort.  My legs were definitely tired – a buddy of mine (William Desportes) running the race took turns with me on the trail near the end of the race, trying to motivate each other catch up to the guys ahead of us.  I had NOTHING left – it was like trying to run a lawnmower on low gas and re-starting it repeatedly to finish the job!  Great work to William for finishing strong! Whew – I LOVED the course though.  Check out their course details @ http://www.vailrec.com/trailrunningseries.cfm – nice work Vail Recreation District!!  Scott was there taking pictures – RAD pictures!  Check ’em out here… 10k @ 10,000′ Photos!

Thank you all for the continuing support and having fun with me!  Live life large!


  1. Klishy says:

    Check out the post-race recap info @ http://www.coloradotriathlete.com/articles/11/2011_xterra_indian_peaks_video.html. Guess I threw them a surprise winning second place because I didn’t even show up in their video – they weren’t looking for me! 🙂

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